3D Foot Orthotic Insoles: The Latest Health & Fitness Trend

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3D Foot Orthotic Insoles: The Latest Health & Fitness Trend

3D Insoles for healthy lifestyle

Based on 2017 projections the global market for foot orthotic insoles was worth $3 billion and speculations are rife as market analysts are anticipating a growth trend of approximately 5.7% CAGR consistently for five more years from 2018 through to 2023. The influx or advent of 3D-printed insoles has been impactful enough and equipped to alter the entire market dynamics resulting in a relatively simpler and easier manufacturing process with an enhanced growth rate of 30% during the projection period. Foot orthotic insoles in the pre-fabricated form generate significant revenue of $1.7bn. Insofar as revenue, the U.S. held the leading major market share followed by Europe.

Foot Orthotic Insoles – Definition:

Gait-related abnormalities or irregularities can be rectified with the support of foot orthotic insoles. In particular, the angle of the stride is altered enabling the limb or the torso in realigning and restoring the original position of the foot. A stable posture can be restored with these insoles with the enhancement of the central nervous system’s afferent somatosensory information enabling both arch support and pain relief for a host of foot disorders inclusive of flat feet.

The end users of Foot Orthotic Insoles:

The variety of end users in the foot orthotic insoles market can be classified into sports, medical and comfort according to an assessment. In 2017, the end-user segment was dominated by the Medical fraternity accounting for over 57% of the revenue of the global foot orthotic insoles market and predictably would continue to dominate during the projection period. The projected fastest growth during the five years from 2018 until about 2023 in the Comfort segment is guaranteed as the foot orthotic insoles market would be all-pervading in the years to come.

Foot specialists prescribe foot orthotics for foot disorders including:

These foot orthotics recommended by podiatrists have been tried and tested and have in fact proven to reduce foot pain and enhance the function of it. When a foot is a disposition, it’s a disorder that can cause immense suffering as a result of the formation of calluses. With customized orthotic insoles inserted in shoes though, the feeling would be as if the body weight is evenly spread across the feet.

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