Experience the Magic of Medical Pedicure

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Experience the Magic of Medical Pedicure

medical pedicure

Pamper Your Feet with a Pedicure

A pedicure is essentially a foot treatment or therapy removing dead skin, softening hard and thick skin and shaping and treating toenails. Since one is constantly mobile a lot of pressure is created on the feet resulting in wear and tear.  Adequate footcare, therefore, is vital. Besides, if feet are jammed into shoes that don’t fit well then that creates a lot of discomfort to the wearer and in extreme cases, corns and calluses may develop along with soreness.

What is a Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure is performed by combining podiatry with nail care which is a  non-invasive and at times a dry procedure. People coming in for a medical pedicure tell podiatrists that they are experiencing a mild pain or perhaps corn on their toe but it may turn out that they have had the corn for months and due to neglect or ignorance the corn has evolved or transformed into an extreme case of a painful ulcer as a medical pedicure wasn’t performed.

What is a Medical Pedicure all about?

A Medical pedicure is a therapy or treatment for:

Medical Pedicure, in general, entails checking between toes for corns and calluses, along with cracked skin. If people intend to undergo regular therapy for removal of accumulated skin then in that case scalpels and drills are typically used so that the feet are back to being smooth as silk which is unlike a traditional therapy which takes a relatively long time. After Medical Pedicure patients have reportedly felt a lot lighter.

Salon treatments and ‘DIY’ are recommended including chemical peel as an alternative feet therapy for treatment of the accumulation of skin. Recently, cases of toenail fungus and nail infections were traced back to nail salons.

Instruments and equipment are cleaned, sanitized, sterilized and then used to avoid any type of infection.


Medical Pedicure may be dry or wet and they are as follows:

Diabetic Dry Pedicure

A diabetic pedicure is a dry pedicure without water. This is done to prevent any scalding due to hot water as there may be a loss in the sensation of the feet. The procedure entails a physical examination, cleaning and disinfecting followed by softening the skin. The next step of the procedure involves cream and oil massages. The final step is hydrating so that the skin remains supple and does not break open resulting in ulcers.

Wet Pedicure

Type 1

The first step is cleaning and disinfecting with antiseptic water and tissue followed by softening with rose water and gel cream. Once this is done nail cutting or trimming and filing is the next step. Thereafter the cuticles are removed using soft tools. The feet are then soaked in hot water mixing shampoo and antiseptic water for exfoliation of the feet. Buffing with Pumice stone is the next step followed by brushing with sand cream. The suction step includes a cream massage either with oil or cream.

Type 2

All the steps of Type 1 are followed in addition to treatment of the cracked heel.

Type 3 & 4

All the steps of Type 1 are followed. In addition to this corns and calluses are treated.

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